New Nike ad from Lebron James

Riding the wave of his championship with the Cavs and his epic block against Andre Iguodala and the Golden State Warriors, Lebron James and Nike are out with a new ad that relishes that moment.

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How good will the Warriors be with Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant has declared his independence and taken his talents to Oakland. He’ll sign a two-year deal with the Golden State Warriors in an attempt to form a super-team and finally win a title.

I don’t blame Durant for leaving, it’s his decision, yet I also feel bad for the fans in Oklahoma City. As a Cavs fan I know how they feel. But I am a little confused by this decision, as Durant had a very good team in OKC with a clear shot at getting back to the Finals. He clearly didn’t have to leave, which makes this even more painful for OKC fans.

Many assume that Durant and the Warriors will be unbeatable, but how many scorers can a team accommodate? We’ve seen Kevin Love and Chris Bosh make real sacrifices to win a title in a Big Three environment. Who will make the sacrifices here? Who takes the big shot at the end of the game? Durant thrives on ISO basketball. What happens now?

Chemistry is critical in basketball, so now we’ll have to see what kind of chemistry develops in Golden State.

Also, the Warriors will have to shed salary in order to make this happen, so say good bye to players like Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli. Who will play center now for the Warriors? How will they handle bigger teams? Will Draymond Green wear down as he’s forced to handle the load against big centers over a long season? The starting five of the Warriors looks like a dream team, but there’s so much more that goes into winning a title.

In many ways this is great for the NBA, driving some serious buzz heading into next season. Lebron James and the Cavs can play the role of underdog yet again. It should be fun to watch!

Cavs stun Warriors to win NBA Finals!

Many of us expected an epic series, and Game 7 certainly delivered.

The Block – The video above will be replayed for generations. This highlight will forever be one of the iconic moments that define the greatness of Lebron James.

The Shot II – Cleveland fans have had to endure a 52-year championship drought, along with the never-ending montage of failures including The Shot from Michael Jordan. Now Cleveland fans have their own “shot” to celebrate for generations, as Kyrie Irving delivered the three-point dagger over Steph Curry to give the Cavs a three-point lead with under a minute left in the game.

The Comeback – No team had ever come back from a 3-1 definite in the NBA Finals. Also, the Cavs were facing the record-setting 73-win Warriors and had to win two games on their court, including game 7. This was a comeback for the ages. Much of this comeback was fueled by the arrogance of the Warriors as they called out Lebron James after game 4, only to see Lebron rise to the challenge and make them eat their words.

The Collapse – Speaking of Steph Curry and the Warriors, this one has to hurt. The either choked or they were exposed. Either way this was an epic fail. The Cavs turned up their defense on the Splash Brothers and dared them to try to take over the game. They wilted under the pressure.

This series, and this Cavs championship, will be talked about for years to come.

Should Draymond Green be suspended?

Draymond Green has a knack for committed questionable fouls, with many of his kicks and blows somehow finding the groin area of opposing players. The NBA has a knack for letting him get away with it.

What will the NBA go now after another Draymond blow to the groin, this one to a Lebron James who was massacred all night long by the Warriors but barely sniffed the free throw line?

Does anyone know what a foul is in the NBA these days?

Lebron James

Lebron James had a rough night last night as the Golden State Warriors took a 3-1 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. He settled for too many three-point shots (going 1-5) and seemed way too anxious to pass the ball when he drove to the hoop. His dribbling skills seem to have disappeared and he’s become a turnover machine. As a result, he shied away from trying to finish at the rim all night.

But can you blame him? Lebron James was basically mugged by the Warriors defense every time he got into the paint. Of course, this has happened to pretty much every player on both teams throughout this series. The NBA seems to have decided that most fouls in the paint won’t be called unless it’s a flagrant slap, push or hold.

The result last night was a game that didn’t seem to resemble basketball at times, and also risked a physical confrontation as players from both teams pushed the envelope on the physical nature of the game.

This bizarre turn of events also plays into the hands of the Warriors. The Cavs need to be effective in the paint in order to run their offense, while the Warriors thrive with long jumpers that then open up the paint on passes off of aggressive perimeter defense from the opposing team.

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