Report: Manning leaves Arizona after a 6.5-hour visit with Cardinals

Following a 6.5-hour visit with the Cardinals, Peyton Manning has left Tempe tweets Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. Somers says that he’s not sure were Peyton is off to next as the quarterback continues his free agent tour around the country.

This is what Rotowold had to say on the matter:

If you’re keeping score at home, the visit lasted a half hour long than his Broncos trip. Manning was driven out of the facility by coach Ken Whisenhunt. OL coach Russ Grimm, Larry Fitzgerald, and president Michael Bidwill also participated in the meeting. There is still no indication as to where Manning will play football in 2012, and he’s not known to have set up a meeting with the Dolphins. He’s now expected to return to his Miami vacation home.

Boy, I bet Kevin Kolb is feeling pretty secure about his situation in Arizona right about now. While he sits at home following a bust of a first season with the Cardinals, his head coach, his No. 1 receiver, and his team’s president are all out wining and dining Peyton Manning. At least if Manning signs elsewhere Kolb is going to get a pretty nice “We’re sorry for flirting with Peyton Manning” gift in the form of a $7 million bonus due on March 17. But if Manning does indeed land in the desert then Kolb will likely be looking for work just one year after arriving to Arizona.

At least on the surface, the Cardinals look like the perfect fit for Manning. They play in a dome, they have one of the best receivers in the game in Fitzgerald, and they’re only four years removed from appearing in the Super Bowl. My gut says he’ll wind up in Denver but all signs point to Arizona at this point.

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Kevin Kolb wants a lucrative long-term deal?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb throws a pass against the Dallas Cowboys during the second quarter of their NFL football game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 2, 2011. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 Twin Cities is reporting that the agents for Kevin Kolb have made it known that their client will be seeking a lucrative long-term deal from any team that trades for their client this offseason.


It sounds like Kolb may be overshooting Matt Schaub’s six-year, $48M deal, and instead targeting the Matt Cassel/Tony Romo/Aaron Rodgers range of $65-70 million. The asking price is high enough that one NFL decision-maker labeled it “significant enough to make me nervous” with a player of little track record. “There’s no way I pay him like a proven guy,” said an AFC exec. Kolb’s pool of suitors has reportedly been “drastically reduced” by the combination of draft picks and monetary commitment required to pull the trigger.

“There’s no way I pay him like a proven guy.” Well why would you? I know he was a second round pick and has shown signs that he can be a solid starter, but he just doesn’t have the track record. Granted, that may be because of lack of opportunity but the bottom line is that Kolb hasn’t played so who’s going to give him $65-70 million?

I’d be interested in finding out whether or not Kolb wants a lucrative deal or his agents are just make it clear from the start that they want their client to get paid. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kolb had nothing to do with this and his agents are giving their client poor representation (and ruining his trade value in the process).

Cardinals, 49ers and Seahawks could all have interest in Kolb

Philadelphia Eagles quarter back Kevin Kolb dodges Washington Redskins cornerback Phillip Buchanon during third quarter Philadelphia Eagles-Washington Redskins game action in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field October 3, 2010. Kolb replaced Michael Vick who was injured in the first quarter. Washington defeated Philadelphia 17-12. UPI/John Anderson

ESPN’s Adam Schefter writes that every team in the NFC West outside of the Rams may have interest in trading for Kevin Kolb.

Teams still can discuss deals, just can’t complete them (like NBA in June). At least three teams debating deals for Eagles QB Kevin Kolb.

Hard to pinpoint specific teams interested in Kevin Kolb, but every NFC West team except St. Louis has to consider him and deal with Eagles.

Obviously the Cardinals, 49ers and/or Seahawks can’t do anything until a new CBA deal is in place, but Schefter’s report makes sense based on those teams’ needs.

That said, would the Cardinals be willing to give up the fifth overall pick in the first round? Would the Niners we willing to give up the seventh? I could see the Seahawks parting ways with the 25th but I’m having a hard time believing that any team would be willing to trade a top-10 pick of Kolb. (Maybe that’s just me.)

Another team that has to be considered as a potential landing spot for Kolb is the Vikings. They’re going to run a variation of the West Coast Offense under new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave, so Kolb makes a lot of sense for Minnesota. The Vikes hold the 12th overall pick and if they’re willing to draft a quarterback at that spot, why not trade for a more seasoned WCO vet like Kolb instead?

Of course, this is all based on the assumption that the Eagles even want to part ways with Kolb. I know they franchised Michael Vick, but given his injury history Philadelphia may want to hang onto Kolb for the time being.

Did Eagles make Kevin Kolb a contract offer?

Philadelphia radio host Garry Cobb reported Friday that the Eagles have extended a long-term contract offer to quarterback Kevin Kolb, although’s Adam Caplan is denying the report.

From the

The report, which cites an anonymous source, surfaced on the personal Web site of former Eagles linebacker Garry Cobb, a host on Philadelphia sports-talk station WIP (610-AM). Terms of the contract extension weren’t mentioned in the report.

An Eagles spokesperson said the team doesn’t comment on contract issues, and a league source said Cobb’s report was “ridiculously false.”

Usually, with sudden reports like these, the truth is somewhere in between.

It’s more likely that talks between the organization and Kolb have begun, but the sides don’t want to make negotiations public.

It’s in the Eagles’ best interest to play things close to the vest. They have three quarterbacks on their roster that could start for either them or elsewhere and they can’t divulge their plans until they know what teams are interested in which signal caller.

Chances are that Michael Vick is a goner. The Eagles don’t want to pay Vick’s 2010 salary ($5.25 million) to watch him ride the bench and not get compensation for him when he becomes a free agent at the end of the year. If a team like the Rams or Bills offer a fourth or fifth round pick for the former starter, it would be surprising if Philly passed.

Now, the real question is what the Eagles want to do with McNabb and Kolb. Do they want to commit to Kolb and close the door on the McNabb era? Or does Andy Reid want to give McNabb one more shot to win a Super Bowl before committing to Kolb in 2011?

If I were to take a stab at predicting what will happen, I think the Eagles would trade McNabb if they can land a first round pick in return. If not, they’ll stick with McNabb for one more year and then commit to Kolb in 2011.

Photo from fOTOGLIF

Eagles restructure McNabb’s contract – what happens to Kolb?

According to a report by, the Eagles have restructured quarterback Donovan McNabb’s contract for the next two seasons. McNabb’s deal is worth an estimated $24.5 million, which comes out to be a $5.3 million raise with another $1 million in incentives.

The interesting thing about McNabb’s restructured deal is that he didn’t get any more years added onto the contract. He essentially got a raise and that’s it, so after this season everyone will once again be talking about how McNabb only has one more year left on his deal. It’s nice that he got a raise and guaranteed money, but where’s the extension?

What’s even more interesting is what the Eagles do with Kevin Kolb now. They selected him in the second round of the 2007 draft and so far he’s attempted only 34 passes as McNabb’s backup. And now that Philly has committed to McNabb for at least the next two years, will they attempt to trade Kolb?

Kolb only signed a four-year, $4.32 million contract when he was drafted in 2007, which means he’ll become a free agent the same year McNabb does (2011). If the Eagles are committed to McNabb, one would think that they would try to get something for Kolb while they still have him. If not, he’ll surely walk in 2011 in hopes to become a starter somewhere else.

We’ll see if the Eagles make Kolb available now that McNabb’s deal is taken care of, or if they continue to use him as insurance in case McNabb suffers an injury (which let’s be honest, can happen at any second during the year).

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