Naturally, Gomes was singing a song from the Karate Kid, not about Wainwright’s injury

The search is over for the most bizarre sports story of the month: Jonny Gomes, you win.

After word spread that Cardinals’ starting pitcher Adam Wainwright suffered a serious arm injury that could require Tommy John surgery (it does), reports surfaced that Gomes arrived to Reds’ spring training practice on Wednesday “joyously” singing, “Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone.”

Naturally, Cardinal nation wanted Gomes beaten to within an inch of his life but the outfielder denied the report and claims he was merely singing the song “You’re the Best Around” from the “Karate Kid” movie.

Nope, this isn’t a joke. From Mark Sheldon’s blog:

I was present in the clubhouse when Gomes walked in. He was singing — but it was a song from the original Karate Kid movie — “You’re the best around…” As for what he said about Wainwright, Gomes’ account follows:

“I was doing an interview with [Rob] Dibble and Dibble gave me the breaking news that Wainwright was flying back to St. Louis with arm problems. That’s all I heard. I came in and I said ‘is Wainwright gone, is Wainwright gone?’

Gomes went on to say that he came up with Wainwright in the minors and would never wish injury on any player. If it’s any consolation, St. Louis skipper Tony La Russa told the media that, “I happen to know Gomes. I don’t think he meant anything by it. And I haven’t even heard for sure what he said. But I like the way he competes.”

Hal McCoy, the writer who posted the original report, removed the story and said that he “didn’t sleep last night” after what he wrote caused a stir.

Whether the story is true or not, this will certainly ratchet up the rivalry between the Cards and Reds this season. And whether Gomes sang about Wainwright’s injury or not, there’s no doubt that Randy Marsh is proud that the Reds’ outfielder was signing “You’re the Best Around.”

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