Conflicting reports on the health of Johan Santana

The Bergen Record is reporting that Johan Santana’s shoulder has not been progressing as the Mets have hoped and the club now believes that they’ll be lucky if he pitches at all in 2011.

But according to, the paper might have misguided information.

The source told Steve Popper and Bob Klapisch that the team is concerned enough that they could halt Santana’s rehab if his light throwing doesn’t go well, which would wipe out the previous timetable of a return in late June/early July. However, Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen has scoffed at the report, saying Santana’s progress actually “has been great,” and “he’s right on time, if not maybe a step or two ahead of that.” Mets GM Sandy Alderson also chimed in, saying “there’s nothing wrong” with Santana’s rehab. It appears the report might be misguided, but the reality is that if Santana does return for the second half this season, no one is sure just how effective he’ll be.

Interesting. Teams aren’t always truthful when it comes to injuries but Warthen is pretty convincing with his words. Then again, it doesn’t do the Mets any good to shed doubt about the injury progress of one of their players when he still has months to go in his recovery. If he winds up being out for the season then so be it. But if he still has a ways to go, why not just stay positive until they know more?

Either way, Rotoworld hits the nail on the head: Even if Santana does return at some point this season, who knows how effective his shoulder will allow him to be.

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