Christmas at the Rodriguez house is going to be a little awkward this year

July 11, 2010 - Flushing, New York, United States of America - 11 July 2010:  New York Mets pitcher Francisco Rodriguez.

According to a report by the New York Post, Mets’ closer Francisco Rodriguez was arrested at Citi Field on Wednesday after he went nutso on his father-in-law.

The blowup occurred just minutes after the Mets’ bullpen cost the team another game in the eighth inning in a game against the Rockies. Manager Jerry Manuel decided not to use K-Rod for a four-out save, instead using Manny Acosta, who promptly gave up a two-out granny to Colorado’s Melvin Mora.

Rodriguez, nicknamed K-Rod for his many strikeouts, allegedly clashed with the 53-year-old man at around 10:15 p.m. amid other players’ families after the Mets blew a lead to the Colorado Rockies and lost, 6-2.

The 28-year-old record-holder for most saves in a single-season was arrested and charged with assault.

“Mind your own f—king business!” the irate pitcher spewed at reporters asking about the incident.

His father-in-law, whose name was withheld, was taken to Flushing Hospital with facial bruises and a head bump.

Cops wouldn’t say whether Rodriguez is accused of slugging or shoving his wife’s father.

Let’s not jump to conclusions here – fights happen for a variety of reasons. One would think that there’s nothing that could get a son-in-law so mad that he would punch or shove his father-in-law, but maybe K-Rod’s father-in-law made fun of the goofy goggles that K-Rod wears. Who knows?

The main story here is how big of a mess the Mets are once again. Johan Santana is being accused of impregnating a woman after assaulting her on a golf course and now K-Rod is beating up family members in the clubhouse. This team went into the All-Star break feeling pretty good about life and now they’re a filthy disaster again.

Ah, the Mets.

Update: Check that, is now reporting that the beaten man was K-Rod’s girlfriend’s father and not his father-in-law. Either way, that’s not the best way to impress your girl.

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TMZ: Johan Santana accused of sexual battery

According to, Mets’ ace Johan Santana was accused of sexual battery on a golf course in Ft. Myers, Florida last year.

TMZ obtained a copy of the report filed with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on October 28, 2009 — one day after the alleged attack in Fort Myers. In the document, the accuser (referred to only as Jane Doe) claims she and Santana were walking on the golf course when he “began to kiss her and pull up her top, unclasping her bra.”

The report continues: “Johan began to pull at [the accuser’s] skirt/skort and attempt [sic] to place his hands into her underwear.” According to the document the alleged victim “told Johan no multiple times but Johan persisted.”

The report gets more graphic, when the accuser claims Santana penetrated her, grabbed and bruised her calf, and “ejaculated on her upper thigh.”

The accuser claims she “cleaned her thigh with her underwear” — and then returned to a tennis court with Santana, and actually watched him play tennis with someone else.

According to the report, a detective collected all of the accuser’s clothing as evidence.

Here’s Santana’s response:

“I’m aware of the situation,” Santana read from a prepared statement before the Mets-Tigers game at Citi Field. “What I can tell you is that police have investigated these claims last year, and I was never charged with anything, and the case is closed. Unfortunately at this time, that’s all I can say. And I have no further comments.”

I’m surprised that no one has reported the story until now since it happened in October of 2009. But seeing as how the investigation is closed, I doubt he’ll face any punishment from MLB or the Mets – especially considering he was never charged with anything.

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