Yes, these NBA All-Star jerseys are pretty lame

Darren Rovell has some harsh words for Adidas as he posts a photo of the new NBA All-Star jerseys. It’s hard to argue with him on this one . . .

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Do Athletes Perform Better Based On Their Uniform

When your non-athletically inclined friends and family come over for the big game, they’ll either cheer for your team or just choose the side with the prettiest uniforms. As it turns out, that’s actually not a bad strategy. Recent scientific research suggests colors like red, orange and blue are closely linked to success and multiple tournament championships. Psychology tells us that colors can significantly affect our moods and behavior, and given the mental component of excellent athletic performance, it makes sense the color of a uniform might affect an athlete’s performance on the field.

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Marisa Miller is a 49ers fan!

Not surprisingly, she looks pretty damn hot in this Niners jersey she posted on Twitter.

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