Jenn Sterger: Favre like “that guy at the bar who just could not get the hint”

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre walks off the field following their NFL football game against the New York Giants at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan December 13, 2010. Favre did not start in their game against the Giants, breaking his streak of 297 consecutive starts. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

Jenn Sterger is speaking out for the first time since the sextenting scandal involving 41-year-old pervball Brett Favre. She appeared on part one of ABC’s Good Morning America’s two-part interview recently and said Favre was like that clueless guy at the bar who won’t take no for an answer.

From USA Today:

“He was like that guy at the bar who just could not get the hint,” Sterger told GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Sterger thought of sexting as more “intimidating” than flattering. She kept putting off her pursuer. But it didn’t work. When she asked several unidentified friends/colleagues for advice, they urged her to stay silent to keep her job with the Jets.

Sterger thought it was all over when she left the Jets for an on-air job with the Versus network’s, The Daily Line, in 2009 and Favre moved over to the Minnesota Vikings. Then broke the story in October, 2010. And Sterger said her world turned completely “upside down.”

She said: “I was trying to go to work. Do my job. But how are you supposed to report on the news when you are the news? It was tough. It was embarrassing. It was humiliating.”

Sterger claims that she never got a dime from Favre or anybody else for the story and I believe her. While it was stupid to confide in one of the editors from Deadspin, I don’t believe she was paid, or paid off during the scandal.

Of course, that doesn’t make her a victim either. I feel bad for her that she can’t land a job and was humiliated, but I think her attention-seeking ways finally caught up to her. I think at first she wanted to be known as the girl that Brett Favre was trying to “get with,” or else why would she have saved the texts and share them with Deadspin? I just think she never expected the story to take off the way it did and now she’s regretting it.

But hey, time heals all wounds. The nice thing about our society is that people have the attention span of a 2-year old. She’ll eventually land another job and she’ll eventually be able to (somewhat) put this behind her. She’ll always be connected to Lord Favre, but it won’t be as bad as it is now, and it definitely won’t be as bad as it was six months ago.

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