Leo Sterger adds to the circus that is the Brett Favre scandal

Jenn Sterger’s father Leo better not meet Brett Favre down a dark alley or else they’ll be hell to pay.

His words – not mine.

From the New York Daily News:

Leo Sterger, whose daughter allegedly received unwelcome genitalia photos from Favre, says he is “absolutely furious” that the NFL let the Vikings quarterback off with a $50,000 fine Wednesday after Favre did not fully cooperate with the league’s two-month investigation into the matter.

“I better not meet that guy down a dark alley,” the elder Sterger told Radar Online Thursday. “Their decision is a complete travesty to women, and they are just treating him this way because he is the NFL’s golden boy.”

This entire situation has become a joke for all parties involved. First and foremost, Favre is a creep for sending Sterger pictures of his frank and beans (or was it just of his frank?) when he’s a married man. After she stopped his advances the first time, he should have called it a day and moved on. Why he thought sending her a text of his junk would make her swoon is beyond me.

Sterger needs a reality check, too. What was her end game here? She said the reason she kept the photos and messages was so that she could laugh at them later with her friends. Clearly she never felt in danger so she can’t get away with playing the victim. If she felt harassed, she should have said something right away. Or if she was too embarrassed and that’s why she waited, then her lawyer should have told her to file a sexual harassment suit on Favre instead of demanding that the NFL take care of the situation.

The NFL’s policy has always been to let the legal process carry out first. But since Sterger and her lawyer decided to force the league to play judge, jury and executioner, then they’ll have to settle with Favre’s punishment. Was it a slap on the wrist? Yeah. The guy made $16.5 million this year and was fined one percent of that. He’ll make that money back when he scratches his ass on the sideline this Sunday in Detroit. But if Sterger’s camp wanted stiffer (no pun intended) punishment, then it should have filed a harassment suit and went from there. Unless of course, they knew her story wouldn’t stand up in court and so they decided to force the NFL’s hand.

Either way, this situation has turned into a circus. The NFL’s decision is a travesty to women? Get real. If you want a true victim in this situation, look no farther than Deanna Favre. Think about the embarrassment she’s suffered in all of this.

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