Lewis: Mangini is wearing Browns out

Running back Jamal Lewis suggested in a recent interview with the media that head coach Eric Mangini is wearing the 1-7 Browns out in practice.

From ESPN.com:

Lewis, who intends to retire after this season, said Thursday that he doesn’t want to be a “babysitter” to Cleveland’s younger players. He wants to win and expressed disappointment that two- and three-hour practices aren’t translating into wins for the team, which has a 1-7 record.

“There’s talent all over this locker room, young and old,” he said before practice. “There’s talent everywhere, but that talent has got to be ready for Sunday, it’s got to be fresh for Sunday. You can work all day, but if you’re going to work like that, you’re probably not going to get what you want out of your players.”

While Lewis doesn’t mind working hard, he said Mangini is wearing out his players. The team captain said he hasn’t approached his coach about making changes.

“This is his show, not mine,” Lewis said. “You got to take care of your crop. If you don’t, when it comes time to harvest, you’re not going to make no money because the crop is no good. That’s that.”

Is it just me or does it seem like the majority of players that complain about practices being too hard play on bad teams? I remember a few years back when some Lions players bitched that Rod Marinelli’s practices were too hard.

Forget about Lewis’ crying, the real story here is that yet another Browns player is complaining about the way Mangini is running his team. When a coach acts like a hard ass, treats his players like crap and still finds ways to lose on Sundays, his players are going to quit on him. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Cleveland with Mangidiot.

Mangini’s approach isn’t working and if he can’t adjust then he’s going to find his ass unemployed real soon. Nothing he’s doing or has done in Cleveland has worked.

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