Spurs try to rebound for game 5

When an elite team like San Antonio stumbles, everyone has a theory. Here’s Gregg Doyle:

Do something, Gregg Popovich. Same goes for you, Tim Duncan. Do something. Anything. Do more than what you guys did as the Western Conference finals shifted to Oklahoma City, and I’m not just talking geographically.

This series is now knotted at two games each and the Spurs remain in possession of the home-court edge, but the momentum and the mojo and the nasty have shifted to the Thunder. They took a series that was slipping away after two games in San Antonio, and they grabbed it by the throat. And they are squeezing.

Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan? They’re choking.

Really? That’s what’s happening? They’re choking?

Give me a break. Doyle might have some good points in his column but he sounds like a fool. Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan are great at what they do, but they’re also facing an amazing Oklahoma City team led by the incomparable Kevin Durant. They’re not choking. They just happened to lose two games to Durant and company on their court. It’s not choking, it’s basketball. Let’s stop with the over-analysis.

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