Dwayne Bowe: Chiefs players arranged for women to meet in hotel rooms on road trip

Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe is once again in hot water following comments he made in a recent ESPN the Magazine article.

SI.com provides the details:

No one, at least inside the organization, wants to talk about Bowe’s story, the one he told to ESPN the Magazine for last week’s edition. He said teammates arranged for women they met on social networking sites to meet them at a hotel during a road trip to San Diego in 2007, his rookie season.

Calling it “importing,” Bowe said the women were flown in three or four days in advance and took up the entire floor of the hotel. He said the women knew just about everything about the players.

Nothing about this story surprises me. You mean athletes went out of their way to hook up with random women on the road? Shocker.

What does surprise me, however, is why Bowe would share a story like this. Outside of bringing attention to yourself or trying to show off, why would any athlete tell the media about something like this? Did Bowe think that the story wouldn’t be published? What was he hoping to gain by giving access to this kind of behavior?

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has already said that this will be a make or break year for Bowe, who is incredibly talented but can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Last year, he reported to camp out of shape and then was suspended four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. If he wants to continue his career in Kansas City, he might want to concentrate solely on football for a while and lay low.

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Chiefs’ Dwayne Bowe suspended for four games

According to a report by the Kansas City Star, Chiefs wideout Dwayne Bowe has been suspended by the NFL for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

League spokesman Corry Rush announced the suspension in an e-mail, and the Chiefs have acknowledged Bowe’s suspension.
In a news release, the Chiefs said Bowe’s suspension will begin immediately.

“As a result of the league suspension, the team will have no further comment,” the Chiefs’ news release said.

The league’s list of banned substances is so long and extensive that Bowe could have taken anything. Some sports fans like to assume that when the league suspends a player it’s because that player took steroids. But that’s usually not the case and actually, it seems like most players are suspended for some kind of weight-loss supplement.

Either way, Bowe is responsible for putting the supplement in his body without first making sure that it wasn’t a banned substance. Teams keep track of what players are taking at all times, including cough medicine and headache medication. Bowe should have known better and unfortunately whatever it is he took will cost him four games.

2009 has not been kind to first-year head coach Todd Haley. Not only is his team heading for a losing season, but he was also publicly criticized by Larry Johnson via Twitter and he just lost his best offensive weapon for four games.

What a bad way to kick off the start of your first year as a head coach.

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Jets exploring wide receiver market – Marshall could be a target

According to Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News, the Jets are exploring a trade for a receiver and Brandon Marshall is the biggest name on their radar.

If the Jets do add a veteran, it probably won’t be a free agent such as Marvin Harrison.

Another name to watch is the Chiefs’ Dwayne Bowe, a former first-round pick. He caught 86 balls for 1,022 yards on an awful team last season, but he’s had a difficult transition under new coach Todd Haley. He may have played his way out of the doghouse with five catches in the preseason opener, but the Chiefs are rebuilding and will move a player if he doesn’t fit their long-term plans.

The Giants are another team that bears watching. They have a glut of receivers, and the Jets are wondering if one, perhaps Sinorice Moss, will become available.

The Jets are awfully inexperienced at receiver so it makes sense that they would be interested in trading for one. But they could have a hard time finding a trade partner, especially as the regular season draws closer.

The Broncos have already stated that Marshall isn’t available, but if he continues to make a stink about his contract they could wind up dealing him and picking up yet another first round pick for 2010. (They already acquired a first round pick for next year in the Jay Cutler trade.)

Even though Bowe may be in Haley’s doghouse, he’s a key piece to an improving young offense in Kansas City. So it’s highly doubtful that Scott Pioli would make him available. Still, the Jets’ receiver situation will be intriguing to follow over the next week or so.

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