Stanton is the third best QB prospect? Please.

After viewing the rankings on’s draft site, I saw that both Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. – considered “experts” in the industry – rated Michigan State’s Drew Stanton as the third best QB prospect. What? You mean the same Drew Stanton that threw for a minuscule 12 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions his senior season? The Drew Stanton that led the Spartans to a 1-7 record in the Big Ten and crapped himself under pressure at every turn?

Heading into the 2006 season, Stanton was regarded by many as the best quarterback prospect in the NCAA. After MSU’s collapse, Stanton dropped off the radar, only to rise again after Troy Smith’s national championship game debacle. This is what I find funny about these national scouts. They pick a horse, ride it, and if it starts to crumble, hop off and find another.

To me, the third best prospect in the draft is still Smith. He is extremely athletic, throws a very catchable ball and gives a team versatility as far as running the ball. Don’t get me wrong; neither prospect should go earlier than round three in my opinion, but to hear that Stanton is getting better grades than Smith is a joke. Everyone points to lack of height with Smith, but forgot what he did on the field last year, which is the only thing that should matter.

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