Friday MMA Review 4/3

Carlos ConditHere’s a weekly rundown of MMA content from Ben Goldstein of

– Carlos Condit didn’t live up to the hype and Junie Browning didn’t live up to his mouth at Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night show. You can check out some videos from the event here.

– Word on the street is that jiu-jitsu phenon Demian Maia will get the next crack at Anderson Silva’s UFC middleweight belt…assuming Silva crushes Thales Leites later this month at UFC 97.

– BJ Penn will finally return to the lightweight division at UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia), where he’ll take on #1 contender Kenny Florian. It will be the first time in 15 months that the UFC’s 155-pound strap will be on the line.

– The ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter debuted Wednesday night, as 16 British hopefuls were cut down to eight official members of Team U.K. We do not have high hopes for this lot.

– After a rage-filled video-blog entry that saw UFC prez Dana White use the word “faggot” and call a female reporter a “fuckin’ dumb bitch,” White has issued a public apology. To the gays, at least.

– Is DADA the next Kimbo Slice?

– We counted down some quick ‘n’ ugly MMA knockouts.

– Check out on Monday morning for full results of WEC 40 (Torres vs. Mizugaki), DREAM 8 (Aoki vs. Sakurai), and Bellator Fighting Championships’ debut event.

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UFC’s Dana White unleashes profanity-laced tirade at reporter

Apparently UFC President Dana White isn’t a big fan of MMA reporter Loretta Hunt’s work. fills us in on how White unleashed a five minute hate speech tirade on her after she recently wrote a story about how some managers and agents are losing backstage passes at UFC events.

Most of White rambling, hate-filled harangue isn’t worth printing, considering how he addressed Hunt and her reportage. But here’s some of the missives:

“I just heard there was an absolutely f—ing retarded story written by Loretta Hunt. Loretta, you f—ing moron. …

“Just to show how f—ing dumb you are, number one. … you don’t even know what the f— you’re talking about. … shut the f— up. …

“Whoever gave you that quote is a pussy, and a f—ing faggot and a liar. …

“Maybe you’re the liar Loretta, writing bullsh– f—ing stories. Everything that comes out of your mouth is f—ing stupid. …

“You f—ing dumb bitch, f— you Loretta Hunt.”

White also kicked in an obscene gesture while making the final comment.
Now for a little background on Hunt from one of my well-placed MMA sources:
“This Loretta Hunt and Sherdog have been banned from covering UFC for years. They are not credentialed to the events. Yet Sherdog is the content provider for ESPN and Hunt is their lead writer.”
Interesting. So not only is White verbally spitting in the face of Hunt, but he’s also, albeit indirectly, doing the same to ESPN.

Wonder how the Worldwide Leader will respond to this? Hopefully by airing the comments to an audience of millions, so people can see and here the real White.

Here’s the video (NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK):

I don’t follow enough UFC, MMA, Dana White or Loretta Hunt content to know what White is talking about in this video, but he comes off sounding completely unprofessional and moronic. Whether what he is saying is true or not, White’s entire tirade comes off sloppy, unprepared and completely unnecessary.

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