Coco Crisp had an armed ‘secret service’ following him the night of DUI

The night A’s outfielder Coco Crisp was pulled over in his 2009 Rolls Royce for suspicion of drunken driving, the police say he was being followed by his personal security guards that Crisp described as his “Secret Service.”

From the Arizona Republic:

The Rolls Royce failed to stay in a single lane of traffic and the officer made a traffic stop, police said. The truck also pulled over.

When the officer asked Crisp if he knew the occupants of the truck, he said “there were some issues with some people so the Secret Service was providing security,” the report said.

Two men in the truck confirmed they were Crisp’s armed private security, police said. The officer wrote that Crisp’s eyes were bloodshot and watery and there was “the odor of an intoxicating beverage emitting from the vehicle.”

Crisp told officers he had been to Ra, a sushi restaurant, and Smashboxx, both in Old Town Scottsdale. He drank wine and champagne, he said. He was on his way to drop off a friend at a hotel in Fountain Hills.

After performing field sobriety tests, Crisp was cited for having a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 percent or more, driving with an expired California registration, failure to drive in a single lane and no proof of current insurance, police said.

Coco Crisp needs an armed secret service team to follow him around when he goes out? Who is he, Obama?

Actually, hey, if you feel as though your life may be in danger and you have enough money to pay armed guards to protect you then by all means – security guard it up. The bigger question I have is why he didn’t get one of his two security guards to either a) drive him home in his car or b) leave his car at the club and go back to pick it up the next day.

Three guys go out for the night, one guy is drinking. That leaves two drivers and two vehicles. Coco goes with Sober Driver A in his car while Sober Driver B follows them. Once Coco is all tucked in for the night, Sober Driver A and Sober Driver B drive home in Sober Driver B’s car. Done deal.

This isn’t that hard of a concept. I don’t know why Crisp felt it was a good idea to hire two armed guards to follow him around but he didn’t want to spend the money on a designated driver. Seems kind of dumb if you ask me.

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