Amanda packs a punch!

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Here’s the beautiful Amanda from as she’s all decked out in some sexy workout clothes and taking her turn on the heavy bag with her boxing gloves. Amanda is a well known fitness model and you can enjoy the slideshow above.

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Proof that Jay Mariotti reads TSR and Bullz-Eye

While perusing Jay Mariotti’s latest inflammatory article in the Chicao Sun-Times (the man is nothing if not a lightning rod), the lastest target being the lowly Chicago Cubs, I noticed that Mariotti made the following statement regarding Cubs GM Jim Hendry’s offseason moves:

Hendry left them two bats and two arms short.

Which is funny, because in late March, I wrote the following in my BE Baseball Preview:

…they did make some good moves, getting a legitimate leadoff hitter in Juan Pierre and bolstering the bullpen with Bobby Howry and Scott Eyre. But they’re still two bats and three arms short of being competitive…

I’m flattered, really. But would it kill you to give credit where credit is due, Jay? But I’m not one to throw stones, so I will simply say, you’re welcome, Mariotti. Now quit copying off of my test.

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