McKinnie kicked off NFC Pro Bowl roster

Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie has been dismissed from the NFC Pro Bowl squad after missing four of five practices and attending just one team meeting. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, McKinnie also missed the team photo.

McKinnie has been Tweetering (or is it Tweeting? Ah screw it…) all week about enjoying the Miami nightlife, so apparently he has partied his way out of Miami. Giants’ offensive lineman David Diehl will likely have to play the entire game now because the NFC only had three tackles on its roster.

If McKinnie wasn’t going to take the game seriously, then he should have forfeited his game check like some of the other NFL players who have bowed out of the Pro Bowl. There was no sense in him taking up a roster spot just so he could be an idiot for a week. He could have done that on his own time.

One would have thought that since this was his first Pro Bowl that he would have taken the honor seriously. But instead he embarrassed himself and the Vikings by being kicked off the team.

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