Report: Favre to continue working out

The NFL Network’s Scott Hanson is reporting that Brett Favre will continue to throw and work out, despite telling Vikings head coach Brad Childress that he wants to stay retired and not play in 2009.

Via Rotoworld:

You’ve got to be kidding. Favre reportedly said he’s still not totally sure about whether he’ll stay retired or try to play, even after “confirming” he’d re-re-retire to Childress and in an ESPN interview. Asked by Steve Mariucci how he’d feel about his decision on Wednesday morning, Favre replied “I’m wondering that myself.” It wouldn’t shock us one bit if Favre “gets the itch” again and tries to come back late in camp or even after the season kicks off.

If I’m Childress and Favre calls me in a week saying that he’s ready to come back, I tell him to piss off.

Brett will always be a NFL legend for what he did in Green Bay and I, as well as many other football fans, will always admire how he played the game with such passion, reckless abandon and determination. The guy was flat out fun to watch.

That said, news of him being unsure about his decision to stay retired shouldn’t surprise anyone. Favre is more indecisive than a 15-year-old girl at the mall and I wouldn’t be shocked if he changed his mind once every day until the start of the season.

He’s just flat out incapable of making a decision without changing his mind 14 times.

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Childress: Favre staying retired

According to Vikings head coach Brad Childress, Brett Favre has decided to stay retired and will not play this season.

Judd just received a phone call from Brad Childress who said he talked to Brett Favre and that he was informed that Favre is staying retired. Childress cited the daily grind both mentally and physically as part of the reason why Favre remained retired.

“I just think it was a rare opportunity to explore a Hall of Fame quarterback who had background in the NFC and in this division,” Childress said. “He knows our system inside out … This doesn’t change anything about how I feel about our football team.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m shocked. I thought for sure that Brett was coming back, but ultimately I think this was the right decision. I don’t think his body would have made it through a full 16-game season and I know just the thought of him being in white and purple was enough to make most Packer fans throw up their lunch.

My first thought was to write about how Brett screwed the Vikings by putting them and their players through the ringer for the past two months. But really, what has changed? They planned on going with either Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson before all of the Favre talked spread, and now those two players will battle it out in camp. Chances are, Rosenfels and Jackson are going to put all of these behind them fairly quickly and get ready for training camp. With the season still a couple months away, Favre will be old news in Minnesota in a few weeks and the players will move on.

Then again, the season is still a couple of months away, so Favre could still change his mind…no! He wouldn’t…would he?!

Giants’ Diehl pokes fun at Favre in comedy sketch

Giants’ offensive lineman David Diehl recently had a little fun at Brett Favre’s expense in his comedy club debut on the “12 Angry Mascots” show at Comix.

New York Giants David Diehl performs at Comix Comedy Club

You know your fickleness is bad when David Diehl is making fun of you for it.

Brett Favre extended interview with Ed Werder

The clip runs over 20 minutes, and it provides some insight into Favre’s thinking last summer when he was trying to rejoin the Packers.

I do wish that Werder had asked Favre about the report that he was all set to return in the March of 2008, but as Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson were set to fly to Mississippi to finalize things, he called it off at the last minute. I think that was the reason that the Packers moved on, but unfortunately it wasn’t addressed in this interview. He never really talks about how his wishy-washiness on the subject of retirement puts the franchise in a tough position summer after summer, though he seems pretty level-headed about Green Bay’s decision to move on.

More on Brett Favre, Jay Glazer and “Lionsgate”

SportsByBrooks chimes in with an interesting post about Brett Favre, the Detroit Lions and Jay Glazer.

And now Mike Florio at PRO FOOTBALL TALK is reporting that ESPN is not allowing on-air staffers to report the story – claiming that the tip by Glazer isn’t true.

Well that, as you might expect, didn’t sit well with Glazer. So he went on ESPNer Dan Le Batard’s radio show in Miami (on 790 The Ticket) to address the situation.

Glazer during the interview was passionate in defending the story and his credibility. He also noted that Detroit Coach Rod Marinelli refuses to deny the report. More interesting though was the reaction to the story – and ESPN’s subsequent embargo – by PTI fill-in host Le Batard.

Before Glazer came on the show, Le Batard weighed why ESPN wasn’t reporting the story, saying, “ESPN is ignoring the story entirely. It’s not their story. Their guy didn’t make that story. Or they haven’t been able to confirm it. Or maybe the story is wrong. ”

While talking to Glazer, Le Batard said, “I would think what ESPN is doing there is prideful. You know how this stuff works, you get beat on a story and then you don’t want to acknowledge that the story exists.

And after the interview, Le Batard remarked, “I’m siding with Jay on this one.”

Clearly, Le Batard believes the story and surprised ESPN is not reporting it.

All right, in the interests of full disclosure…

For 15 or so years, Brett Favre has been my favorite player. I want to believe the best about the man, but in recent months he has proven to be a little spiteful. I’m not having a problem believing the story. I think it’s sad and fairly pathetic – that he’d actively spend time helping another team beat his old team – but given the way things went down this summer, it wouldn’t surprise me if Favre still held a major grudge against Ted Thompson and would love to see him fail. After all, it was Thompson that made the final call on Favre. It was Thompson that said “no more.” And it was Thompson that shipped him off to New York.

Now to the story itself. No source (thus far) will go on the record, but Glazer stands by the truthfulness of the sources. In this case, I look to Occam’s razor…“All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”

What are the odds that Glazer (or a bad source) would come up with this scenario…that a Hall of Fame QB would risk his legacy to help a team or two beat the team that decided to let him go? Nobody would believe it. In fact, a lot of people refuse to believe it, like our regular reader and fellow Packer diehard, Jeff. (I feel your pain, man. I do.)

So there are two choices: 1) Brett Favre feels so spiteful towards the team that traded him away that he is willing to help opposing teams game plan for the Packers or 2) Glazer/source(s) made up a story about Brett Favre helping teams game plan against Green Bay.

To me, it’s such a crazy idea that I doubt anyone could be creative enough to make it up. So, according to Occam’s razor, the first choice is more plausible and is probably the correct answer…


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