Cable seeking other jobs outside of Oakland?

One of the more interesting storylines so far as the NFL heads into its offseason is the one brewing in Oakland regarding Tom Cable’s job.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported last week that Cable’s job is secure for now and that he would coach the Raiders in 2010. But now Jason La Confora reports that Al Davis still hasn’t decided whether or not to retain Cable as his head coach. Now reports are surfacing that Cable has already begun to look for jobs in other cities.

From the National Football Post:

All last week, there was speculation that current Raiders head coach Tom Cable might be interested in an offensive line position with another team. In fact, one team was calling around looking for recommendations on him. That doesn’t happen if the coach is secure.

If Cable has already begun to look for other jobs, it’s not a bad idea on his part. Davis has always done things his way, which usually means he makes rash decisions before thinking things through. He could fire Cable at any point this offseason if he finds a replacement that he likes.

I can already tell that this is going to be a great storyline throughout the offseason. Of course, whenever Al Davis is involved in something, it always makes for interesting news.

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Will Davis try to get out of paying Cable?

Michael Lombardi of The National Football Post reports that Al Davis is likely to fire head coach Tom Cable, but also speculates that the owner could fire Cable for “cause” to get out of paying him.

4. Raiders coach Tom Cable also might be heading into his final meeting this week, but besides being terminated, I wonder if we might get another overhead projector press conference from the Raiders announcing they’ve fired Cable for cause? If he does get fired, which I hear is likely, expect him to file a grievance to continue getting the rest of his money.

As he often does, Davis is walking down a dangerous path here. He fired Lane Kiffin for “cause” two years ago and if turns around and does the same thing with Cable, then what coach in their right mind would want to come to Oakland? You mean, I get to deal with the mess that is Al Davis and not get paid for it? Sign me up!

Cable may have some character flaws, but Davis can’t try to get out of paying a guy because of something that happened years before his employment. That would be a classless, stupid move by Davis and I’m sure a judge would rule in Cable’s favor anyway. So why go through with the move if you’re Davis? (Uh, besides the fact that he’s nuts and he does things without thinking of the consequences.)

If Davis keeps JaMarcus Russellbust but fires Cable, then that would be a mistake. If Daivs keeps Russellbust, fires Cable and then tries to get out of paying him, then that would just be boneheaded.

But then again, what else could we expect from Al Davis?

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