Nathaniel Hackett gets paid millions for idiotic decisions

Nathaniel Hacket opening game NFL 2022

It’s amazing how many NFL coaches are simply clueless when it comes to game management.

Nathaniel Hackett may end up being a good NFL coach, but he completely blew it at the end of the Broncos game last night in Seattle. The Broncos paid Russell Wilson a king’s ransom to play quarterback, but Hackett decided to settle for a 64-yard field goal attempt at the end of the game instead of letting Russell try for more yards on fourth and five. There was plenty of time left and he had timeouts, but Hackett let the clock run down and then trotted out his kicker to attempt the long kick.

This is a recurring theme in the NFL. Some of these coaches just aren’t very bright. Others get lost in the weeds and then fail to see the big picture.

The Broncos were 7-point road favorites with Wilson returning to Seattle, but ran into an inspired Seahawks team led by Geno Smith. Smith was overrated coming out of the college. He’s always been a sloppy player who had some serious talent but turned the ball over consistently. But he’s hung in there as a backup, and now a more mature Geno might be better prepared to lead a team. He reminds me a bit of Vinny Testaverde who also came into the league with a ton of hype, threw a ton of interceptions, but then hung around for years as a quality backup and a solid starter at times. Let’s see how the rest of the season goes for Geno.

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