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Watching sports competitions in pubs is an entire culture of time-spending. It might be even more fascinating than watching games live because at stadiums you can’t taste so many dishes and drinks. This hobby provides great experiences. Tourists and locals enjoy visiting pubs for watching sports. In Basel, this activity is popular thanks to Auld Dubliner pub located in Basel’s downtown, Switzerland!

Reason to watch sports in Auld Dubliner

High-quality Screen Views

Entertainment facilities cannot convey the live stadium atmosphere to the concrete building. Sport bar Auld Dubliner tries best to make visuals, sound, atmosphere correspond to the highest level. The quality depends on equipment. That’s why second floor’s hall of the Irish sports bar is equipped with 27 TV sets. Watch football, rugby matches, horse races, tennis, boxing, and more.

Unique Drinking Experience

The pub can just try to offer the stadium atmosphere, but no stadium will offer the same rich selection of drinks as Auld Dubliner. Drinking while watching sports is a special men’s tradition. In Auld Dubliner, visitors can enjoy not only beer and gin, but wines, whiskey variations, rums, ciders. Guinness stout is the cherry on the cake. Enjoy its black texture and unforgettable flavour while watching sports!

Rich food menu

Drinking is fine but there’s no point in visiting Auld Dubliner without tasting its foods. Except for the authentic Irish cuisine, the pub offers dishes of American and European cuisine. Have fish & chips as an appetizer. Taste traditional Irish lamb stew. Accompany non-alcoholic drinks with chocolate and Baileys cheesecake.

Friendly atmosphere

Sport unites people. Watching sports is a great tool to socialize. Watching sports in Basel pub is a way to find the fans of your team, people with common interests, and get acquainted with them. True fans cannot live without their favorite teams and sports. If you are the same, feel free to express this feeling in Auld Dubliner.

Have fun

Your favorite team is about to lose and you don’t want to spoil your mood with this loss? Want to relax and taste Irish traditional foods in a more peaceful atmosphere? Feel free to get to the first floor of the building and enjoy dancing on the dance floor. The building is quite spacious and cozy at the same time. Have some fun and forget about hard, working hours for a while.

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