Ohio State destroys Michigan . . . again

The domination continues. The Ohio State Buckeyes smacked the Michigan Wolverines again, making it eight straight wins in what many consider to be the best rivalry in college football and one of the best in all of sports.

This rivalry has an amazing history, reaching its apex during the ten-year war between Woody and Bo, but the programs are in very different places right now. The Big Ten used to be dominated by the Big Two – Michigan and Ohio State. Now the conference is dominated by Ohio State and Michigan is trying to stay relevant in the second tier with Wisconsin, Penn State and Iowa.

Mitch Albom summed it up well in his post-game column:

This is the hardest column to read if you are a Michigan football fan, and the hardest to write if you like to be the bearer of good news. But we all saw it. And to deny it is folly.

The Buckeyes are better. Say it and get it over with. Say it and spit the bad taste out of your mouth. It’s not a shame to admit, not when it’s true, and it doesn’t have to be true forever but it’s undeniably true now.

If you’ve been paying attention to recruiting, this wouldn’t be much of a surprise. It still amazes me that so many so-called “experts” picked Michigan to won the Big Ten this year with all the talent Ohio State had coming back. Many pointed to the departure of Urban Meyer, not realizing that Ryan Day was perhaps the best young coach in the game.

As for talent, just look at how the Ohio State offensive line dominated the undersized defensive line for Michigan. Look at the difference in the transfer quarterbacks. If you want to understand how Jim Harbaugh has failed to deliver, look at the difference in the quarterback position. Harbaugh needs to spend less time on world travel and more time finding better players.

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