How Mobile Sports Betting Is Capturing a New Generation of Bettors

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Not long ago, your father or grandfather may have slunk into a dim doorway in an alley, and then into a hidden entrance to a secret casino in order to place a bet on his favorite horse or boxing match. Today, you can place a bet without the help of a shady bookie or threat of thugs. Online betting is a big business, transferring millions of dollars each month. In fact, you don’t even have to have a computer to place a bet online. Times are changing, and mobile sports betting is capturing a new generation of bettors.

Mobile Betting Basics

Since you are familiar with your phone and all its quirks, you may like using your browser to place a bet because it offers you a better experience than a sports betting app. But remember that some of the figures may be difficult to see, so a large screen is preferred over a smaller one. Small screens may cause you to click on the wrong spot, causing you to make a mistaken bet. Also, different sportsbooks are designed for different areas, so choose one that has the functionality you need.

Changing Betting Platforms

The controversy over whether to allow 18 year olds to bet is still raging and has even become more hotly debated in the past few years. The problem is that most online sportsbooks have an age restriction that corresponds to the state limitations imposed by that area for brick and mortar betting establishments. That means that all but four states within the United States require an individual to be at least 21 years of age to place a bet. The exceptions are Alaska, Idaho, Minnesota, and Wyoming. To protect themselves, many of the betting platforms require proof of age and then they verify the information by state.

Using Betting Apps

As with all things restricted, the use of betting apps by 18-year-old individuals is on the rise, though the reason isn’t because of the age restriction, it is because of the thrill of the chase. It is exciting to gamble, and that has been proven for hundreds of years as people have waged billions of dollars on horses, fistfights, political candidates, the first day it would snow, and a million other ‘firsts’ or ‘bests.’ You have probably made bets with friends and not even realized you were betting. If there is a possibility of a wager, some people cannot resist the temptation to look into the future and play the odds. With the advent of the smartphone and betting apps, the excitement can be found right in your home while you are sitting in your most comfortable chair. That is the beauty of the new way people wager.

Looking For Entertainment

Although winning money may be the motivation for some people that wager on sports, the real motivation behind becoming a bettor is the entertainment value. Whether it is placing a future bet, making a last-minute wager, or watching the boards constantly move, it is all about the entertainment. The adrenaline may hit your body, sending a surge of excitement, and the thrill of the game is on. When you have a large bet, the excitement can be even more intense, and that hormonal rush and hypnotic thrill is what draws more and more people to the exciting world of betting.

Mobile sports betting is capturing a new generation of bettors by making it an exciting game that anyone can participate in, at any time of day or night, and with a few dollars or with thousands. It is no wonder that the next generation is coming to love the thrill of the chase – it is another online game to play.

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