How To Choose A Good Paintball Mask


When it comes to paintball there is a lot of essential gear that you are going to need. However, probably one of the most imperative items for safety and security is without a doubt the paintball mask and goggles. This item protects your eyes and the rest of your face, which is more important than being able to shoot your target. Your mask and goggles will need to be worn at all times on the field, as taking it off could put you in dire jeopardy. This is why it is imperative to choose a mask and goggles that not only suit you, but one that looks cool and makes you stands out. So, how exactly do you go about doing this?

Always Consider The Price Carefully

Whether you are shopping for a paintball gun or a mask, the price is always going to play a factor. In fact, for many individuals sometimes the price could be the deciding factor between two products. That being said, you don’t really want to skimp when it comes to a mask and goggles. Protecting your eyes and face should be your top priority while on the field, so investing a little extra in a mask is something that you should always be willing to do.

Must Be Comfortable

The best paintball mask for you will have to be extremely comfortable. Some paintball sessions can last as long as four hours long and since you will be wearing the mask the entire time, it needs to fit right and provide comfort. You don’t want to be constantly adjusting it or fiddling with it while on the field. This will put you at an extreme disadvantage. Below you will find some factors to consider when choosing a mask.

Cushion – You will find that most masks either use a foam or rubber gasket. When deciding between the two, you need to consider how often you are going to be playing and what conditions you will be playing in. While foam might provide more comfort, the rubber will be doable and provide more durability with a better seal
Weight – A lightweight mask might not seem like a good idea, but if you get a heavy mask it is just going to take a toll on your neck over time. In addition to this, lightweight masks have come a long way over the years, as they are now extremely durable and dependable.

Fit – A proper fit is a must when it comes to a mask and goggle. The goggles must be securely attached to the head and never feel like they are going to fall down. Some manufactures will use silicone beads on the straps to ensure that the sizing holder stays in place once you have locked in the right fit. This prevents the goggles from slipping and sliding even during strenuous situations.

The Lenses

You will quickly discover that there are a variety of goggles out there comes with several different lens options. Some are wider, while some are taller and they all come with a different look. Some are curved, while others are flat. Some even include fog protection, which is something that you might want to consider. Just make sure they fit tightly and comfortably with your other gear.

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