NBA’s wild offseason

The Golden State Warriors are still the reigning kings of the NBA, and obviously the big favorites for next year. That’s what you get when an MVP decides to join a 73-win team instead of trying to beat them. Steph Curry and the gang couldn’t beat the Cavs when healthy, so they added Kevin Durant to create a super team.

With everyone chasing the Warriors, we have had one of the wildest offseasons in NBA history, capped recently with the news that Kyrie Irving isn’t happy in a situation where he and his team have gone to the Finals three years in a row. Poor Kyrie is tired of playing with the best player in the world in Lebron James. Talk about first-world problems . . .

We’ve also seen movement of other big stars, with Chris Paul going to the Rockets, Paul George being dumped for a bag of beans to Oklahoma City, and the Bulls getting fleeced by Minnesota for Jimmy Butler. Carmelo Anthony is probably next along with Kyrie.

What does this all mean? If you’re a betting man then you’re seeing the NBA futures for next season bouncing all over the place, and that can present some opportunities if you think the Warriors might stumble.

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Whenever you have so much changeover like you have in the NBA this offseason, that presents opportunities for the savvy gambler. For example, the Cavs have played extremely well when you’ve had James and Kevin Love starting with Kyrie injured. That may not spell success in the Finals, but during the season the Cavs may actually be more consistent without Kyrie and his ball-hogging.

So observe the changes carefully and see how you might be able to exploit the changes this upcoming season!

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