Matt Ryan’s Path to Super Bowl 51

Matt Ryan was taken in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft as the 3rd overall selection by the Atlanta Falcons. Many thought the pick was a no-brainer after Ryan’s sustained success during his time playing at Boston College, but many also liked to compare him to another quarterback taken later in that same first round in 2008, Joe Flacco.

When you look at the tale of the tape, it’s not even close in terms of numbers. Joe’s career started off hot by making the playoffs in all of his first five seasons, but considering Flacco was on a Ray Lewis lead Raven team, it’s debatable how much Joe was to credit for the Ravens’ great success through his first few seasons as the starting quarterback. Matt Ryan was dealt a slightly tougher hand, as he had to work harder for his first playoff start, and faltered after earning that first playoff birth.

When you go strictly by the numbers, there’s no comparison, Matt Ryan is by far a superior quarterback to Joe Flacco, but the one thing that Flacco still has over Ryan is both a Super Bowl win and a Super Bowl MVP. Flacco’s regular season number may be anything but spectacular, but he put together arguably the greatest playoff run by a quarterback in the history of the NFL in 2012 when he lead the Ravens to huge wins at Denver and at New England in the AFC Championship game, before defeating the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. Flacco’s performance during that playoff run: 11 TDs, 0 interceptions and a 95.1 QBR in the Super Bowl which is the highest ever achieved in a Super Bowl during the QBR era.

This coming Sunday, Matt Ryan gets his chance to quiet the haters. Joe Flacco was taken 15 picks later than Matt Ryan in the first round of the 2008 NFL draft, and despite his great numbers in his career, he still has the shadow of a lacking Super Bowl trophy from his shelf. Matt Ryan seem poised to make his bid at history, but he’ll be meeting one of the toughest tests he couldn’t drawn up… The New England Patriots.

The Patriots have won six Super Bowls since Bill Belichick accepted the head coaching position back in the late 90s. Belichick and Brady are the Jon Prices of Sports Gambling but for Football. They don’t win every game but they make a fuck ton of money and are the best in their class. Consistency is a key point in being the best and Brady as well as Jon Price have proven that in their football and betting careers.

Belichi, along with his starting quarterback Tom Brady, no other coach-quarterback tandem has ever come close to matching the kind of championship success that Bill and Tom have had during their careers. With three Super Bowl MVPs, no other quarterback has come to deliver when the stage is set, quite like Tom Brady has, and given two weeks to prepare, Belichick and his defense have shown to be able to slow anyone down. They’ll get a great test this Sunday against a Falcons offense that’s loaded with weapons and has the numbers to prove it.

Matt Ryan will have to have the game of his career to overcome Bill Belichick and Tom Brady if he wants to leave Houston as a Super Bowl winner. It would undoubtedly be the cherry on top to what’s been a solid career for Matt Ryan, and the one achievement that has evaded him since entering the league in 2008.

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