Was TCU exposed against Minnesota?

It’s easy to overreact when watching college football. We’re dealing with college kids and from week to week it’s impossible to come to definitive conclusions about a team based on just one game.

That said, TCU did not look like a powerhouse last night against Minnesota. Frankly, TCU didn’t really beat Minnesota; the Gophers beat themselves with several sloppy turnovers that completely changed the game.

Here are some observations:

– Trevone Boykin is the real deal. This kid can really play, and he’s the main reason everyone should be talking about TCU. That said, the TCU offense wasn’t dominating against a solid Minnesota defense, and you have to wonder what would happen to TCU if they faced a physical and fast defense like Ohio State or Alabama.

– TCU’s defense looks very weak. Minnesota was running the ball at will after a slow start, so expect TCU’s young defense to have trouble when they face power running games. Minnesota was only slowed down by turnovers and miserable play from the quarterback.

Again, this is only the first game of the season, and TCU’s defense in particular should get better as the year goes on. But they won’t get an bigger, and it’s hard to see TCU slowing down the best Power 5 teams if they make it to the Playoff.

TCU looks like a good team, but hardly a dominant team. They will have their hands full against big, physical teams like Oklahoma.

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