Seahawks on verge of luckiest Super Bowl ever; end with biggest choke job ever

This was the greatest Super Bowl ever. The ending was stunning in so many ways, from Tom Brady leading a fourth quarter comeback against the Seattle defense, only to be followed by another miraculous catch that seemed to spell doom again for the Patriots, to what can easily be described as the worst play call in NFL history.

Here are some thoughts with some real time tweets mixed in:

– I’m not a Russell Wilson fan, and I wasn’t looking forward to eating even more crow had he managed to win his second straight Super Bowl. Still, there’s no way I can blame Wilson for the last interception that cost Seattle the game. We can pick apart his throw and the decision (some are explaining you have to throw that ball low at the goal line), but this all comes back to Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell making that asinine play call. Also, looking at this shot below, you can see why Wilson threw the ball and just how brilliant Malcolm Butler was as he broke to the ball to make that play:

– Seattle fans have to be sick. Sure, they have last year’s Super Bowl to fall back on, but this is the most crushing way to lose I’ve ever seen, and I’m from Cleveland! They and Pete Carroll will never live this one down.

– Still, had the Seahawks won after the ridiculous Packers meltdown and then the miraculous catch, they may have gone down as the luckiest NFL team of all time. Instead they now have the biggest choke job of all time to contemplate for decades to come.

– Bill Belichick took some heat for not calling a timeout after Marshawn Lynch rumbled to the one-yard line with just over a minute left tin the game. Everyone assumed Lynch would then power it in, so why not keep as much time as possible on the clock with a chance to tie the game with a field goal? But either Belichick saw something or just got lucky, as his decision to not call a timeout and rely on his defense led to some frenetic decision-making on the Seattle sideline, which then led to the fateful decision to throw a slant pass over the middle and give away the Super Bowl. Amazing!

– For all the pain Seahawks fans are experiencing, that crazy catch by Jermaine Kearse probably had thousands of folks in Boston contemplating suicide while screaming the names of Kearse, David Tyree and Mario Manningham. Could the Patriots really lose another Super Bowl on a miraculous catch? Fortunately, Pete Carroll bailed them out and now psychiatrists in Seattle will have their calendars booked with new clients.

– Let the Tom Brady/Joe Montana arguments begin. Look, Brady belongs in the conversation, particularly after orchestrating this fourth quarter comeback against the Seattle defense. This would be the main topic today without the crazy series of events that followed. Still, there’s so much more to this debate and I’ll revisit this in a future post, but this tweet sums it up perfectly:

– Speaking of that Seattle defense, I think we can pause all those discussions about this being the greatest defense of all time. They were on the verge of winning two straight Super Bowls, but this defense had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter and then got shredded by Tom Brady to give up the lead. During the game, Richard Sherman was his usual obnoxious self as he tried to mock Darrelle Revis after Revis gave up a touchdown. I wonder what Sherman thinks of his own defense faltering when it really mattered? Still, this face by Sherman as he realized the Seahawks had blown the game with an interception is just priceless.

– Seattle fans are pretty obnoxious, just like their team, so this tweet was particularly funny:

– Back to Russell Wilson. It’s annoying as hell when athletes thank God after a game, as if somehow God was on their side. Wilson did this after the Seahawks miraculous victory over the Packers to get into the Super Bowl Aaron Rodgers had an appropriate response, saying that he didn’t think God cared much about football. Well, I wonder what Wilson thinks now . . .

– I really didn’t care much who won this Super Bowl – I just wanted to see a good game. My Buckeyes are National Champions so I can sit back and just enjoy other sports in the meantime. Still, it’s hard to root for a Seattle team featuring crotch-grabbing Marshawn Lynch, crap-simulating Doug Baldwin, chest-thumping Richard Sherman and God’s little angel Russell Wilson.

– Finally, I would have loved to be at Rob Gronkowski’s post-game celebration!

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