The Ugly Ray Rice saga

The allegations against Ray Rice seem to be pretty serious. But the bigger problem is that his alleged actions have been caught on tape according to numerous reports. Did he knock out his fiance? Did he drap her out of an elevator while she was unconscious? In court, his lawyer may be able to cast doubt in the minds of some jurors, even with video evidence. Stranger things have happened in our judicial system, particularly when high-paid lawyers are involved.

But we’ve also seen that video trumps everything when it comes to public opinion, and this sorry tale creates some serious headaches for the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens. That franchise has had its share of controversy in the past with all of the Ray Lewis issues. Now we have video of Ray Rice acting like a jackass, and this one will be played over and over again. The authorities will have their say, as will the NFL.

It’s also a cautionary tale for anyone goofing around or doing something illegal in a casino. Everything is on tape. You’re not isolated like you are when you’re playing a casino online enjoying some poker, craps or roulette. In the casino you’re exposed, though you also get the added benefit of the hotties walking around in their tiny dresses. Well, at least that’s true in Las Vegas, even if it’s not quite true in some lame Indian casino you frequent.

But this is about much more than a wild time in Vegas at the casino of course. Rice wasn’t just doing stupid stuff that ordinary drunks and fools do every night in casinos. No, he allegedly knocked out his fiance, and that brings this to another level. Of course, things like this aren’t new to the NFL, but as explained above, adding video to the mix changes the equation.

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