Who will make it to Brazil?

Football fans the world over are getting ready for the biggest competition since the last World Cup. We’re fast approaching the FIFA World Cup 2014, which will be held in Brazil next summer.

And as we approach the final games that will decide the teams that will be fighting it out for the honour of lifting the world cup, excitement is mounting for fans and followers alike.

Betting on the World Cup

Traditionally many more people join the hardcore football fans when it comes to the World Cup. People who don’t necessarily follow any of the involved team’s domestic leagues will be following their favorite national team.

Placing bets on the team you think will win and the team you want to win is part of the fun of the competition with communities becoming heavily involved in the World Cup fixtures as they happen. The advent of online betting and online gaming has made it much easier for the average fan to bet on their team – rather than having to go down to the bookies, everyone can pick up their smartphone or tablet and quickly hope online at one of the many online sports betting sites. As these are usually part of an online casino site, it’s a great crossover for people who also like to play casino games, progressive slots or a bit of poker at half time!

But before we even get to the finals, the finalists have to make their way there.

Showdown between Portugal and Sweden

This is the next big decider and in less than seven days, either Portugal or Sweden will have their World Cup dreams crushed. And as these two teams are playing for a single space at the World Cup, this means that one of two major sporting heroes only will be playing in the World Cup.

Whoever wins this match will decide whether Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Cristiano Ronaldo will be present in Brazil where they belong. The first part of the showdown is in Lisbon, followed by the second match in Stockholm. It’s safe to say that this is probably not what FIFA or the fans want as it’s important for the big superstars to be at the tournament to keep momentum and media coverage interested.

But it does mean an incredibly exciting play off for the fans at this stage of the qualifying matches, and promises to be an electric and exciting competition – as much between the two individuals as the two countries.

Greece vs Romania

Greece ended up second behind Bosnia in Group G, even though they won an impressive eight out of the ten qualifying matches at groups stage. This means they have to play Romania and it’s likely that they will be through to the World Cup, with an amazing striker in Kostas Mitroglou they are looking strong and determined.

Whoever you’re backing for the World Cup, it’s guaranteed to be an exciting and involving competition – bring on next summer!

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