Twitter reacts to ref debacle in Seattle

Image source: Seattle Seahawks Facebook page

The photo above was posted by the official Facebook page of the Seattle Seahawks. Not surprisingly, they aren’t acknowledging the complete fiasco caused by the replacement refs in this game. Now, I have little sympathy for Aaron Rodgers, who might be the most arrogant quarterback in the NFL. Also, Seattle’s defense was just incredible last night, so they deserve credit for making this a game against a Green Bay team that won 15 games last year.

But, the calls at the end of that game were just a disgrace. I really haven’t been interested in the replacement ref story. I found it to be boring and didn’t think it was a big deal. But it’s now painfully obvious that these guys are not up to the difficult task of managing an NFL game with the best athletes in the world. Things are getting out of control, and the NFL is managing to tarnish the excellent product they’ve built over the years.

If you’re not on Twitter during NFL games you’re missing out on a fun way to follow the reactions of commentators and fans, and the reactions last night to the debacle in Seattle were hilarious. Here’s a few that I pulled out following the game.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t that impressed with Russell Wilson. The only offense he and the Seattle offense were able to muster in the 2nd half came from ridiculous penalties. Seattle has an incredible defense, and Pete Carroll is taking a big risk playing Wilson over Matt Flynn.

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