More details emerge in Jerry Sandusky scandal

More sordid details are starting to come out regarding the horrible crimes alleged against Jerry Sandusky. The presentment filed by the prosecutors was horrifying and has sparked outrage around the country against those at Penn State who had opportunities to stop this. Now more details are being disclosed.

Two mothers of the victims are speaking out, and their stories are heartbreaking. The courage displayed by their sons who suffered this abuse is truly heroic, especially when compared to the cowardice of Penn State officials. This is a must-read.

Also, the number of victims may now be up to around 20 as more people come forward. If the allegations already filed against Jerry Sandusky are true, then we can expect this number to keep growing.

When you read the account of the two mothers linked above, you see up-close the devastating effects of sweeping these allegations under the rug. When a predator is not stopped, the victims just pile up.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Joe Paterno survives this scandal. He wanted to speak yesterday but the university cancelled the news conference. Paterno’s initial statement indicated the we should all let the legal process play out, but the legal process should have begun back in 2002. When one considers Joe Paterno’s obsessive drive to cling to his job and break the all-time win records, he has to answer the most difficult question – Did he stay quiet in 2002 so that he could keep coaching? The current facts suggest that’s exactly what happened.

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