Top 25 roundup: Oklahoma, LSU make statements

Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones (12) passes in the 1st half of their NCAA football game in Tallahassee, Florida Sept 17, 2011. The Oklahoma Sooners defeated the Florida State Sminoles 23-13. UPI/Mark Wallheiser

Yes, Texas is young. Yes, the Longhorns were overrated at No. 11 in the country. But the beating Oklahoma put on Texas today was one normally reserved for early-season patsies and not top-15 rivalry opponents.

I figured the Texas offense would struggle, and it did, managing just 10 points (one score came on a kick return) and turning the ball over five times. Freshman quarterback Case McCoy and David Ash combined to go 20-of-36 for 223 yards a touchdown and two interceptions. They had zero help from the run game, as it gained just 36 yards.

I did expect a bit more from the Texas defense, however, which was used and abused to the tune of 453 yards, most of it coming on the arm of Landry Jones (367 yards). All of these yards, and this game was well in hand at halftime.

As impressive as Oklahoma was, the one worry could be the run game, which gained just 86 yards. Texas’ run defense is certainly not as good as what the Sooners will see in a possible national title game against LSU or Alabama. They only had 19 carries, however, and averaged 4.5 yards per carry. Starting running back Dominique Whaley had 83 of those yards on 13 carries (6.4 ypc), so maybe I’m just looking for negatives in a game filled with positives.

This win, combined with the Florida State victory and a preseason No. 1 ranking, is normally good enough to be the consensus No. 1 team in the country. Not this year, however.

No team has a more impressive resume at this point of the season than LSU. Yes, you can argue that Alabama and Oklahoma have looked just as good, but neither can match up with the quality wins LSU has.

The Tigers added another today, destroying Florida 41-11. The LSU defense was its stout self, holding Florida to 213 yards. This was fully expected playing against a first-time starting quarterback. But the balance in the LSU offense was impressive. The Tigers had 238 yards on the ground and 215 through the air. They averaged 7.2 yards a play. The one worry I had about LSU was the offense, but if the run game can keep this up and Jarrett Lee can continue to make positive plays and not turn the ball over, that will be plenty.

Elsewhere …

– Oklahoma State’s offense is beyond amazing. Brandon Weeden might be 60 years old, but he can toss a football and he has a ton of weapons at his disposal. There are still serious questions about the Cowboys’ defense, and I think they might have to score in the 50s to beat Oklahoma, but that offense will keep them in any Big 12 game this season.

– Um, excuse me, Florida State? The Seminoles lost their third straight game today, falling to Wake Forest (!) 35-30. The worst part, the Seminoles needed a touchdown in the final minute to even get to that score. Losing to Oklahoma and Clemson is understandable, especially when you figure in the injury to E.J. Manuel. But Wake Forest shouldn’t be on the same field as the Seminoles. Also, I think we’ve found the one team that is perennially overrated more than Notre Dame.

– This isn’t a top 25 game, but Georgia had a third and 57 today.

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