Michigan suspends WR Darryl Stonum

The University of Michigan football program has suspended wide receiver Darryl Stonum indefinitely following his arrest last Friday for suspicion of drunken driving.

The details of his suspension weren’t readily available when the team announced the decision over the weekend. Head coach Brady Hoke told the media on Saturday that Stonum made a “poor decision” and was being punished, but didn’t elaborate. It wasn’t until Sunday that the media found out that the wideout was arrested around 2:25AM on Friday on suspicion of operating a vehicle while under the influence.

The senior started 12 games as a junior last season for the now departed Rich Rodriguez. He ranked second on the team in receptions and receiving yards, and now has 76 career receptions to go along with 1,008 yards and six touchdowns.

Stonum has certainly put his new head coach in a tough spot. Hoke doesn’t want to come off as soft when it comes to Stonum’s punishment, but if he overacts to the situation then he may be criticized for that as well. Either way, he has to send a message to the rest of his players that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated if the Wolverines are going to right the ship. Stonum decided to put himself in front of the team and now Hoke needs to correct that. He also needs his second-leading receiver, so it’s a tricky situation.

So far, Hoke has handled the situation correctly. He didn’t make Stonum’s arrest public knowledge and only gave the media what it needed to know: that he was suspended and the matter was being handled internally. Now he must decide how many games Stonum will miss in 2011, or even if the young man will have a roster spot when August rolls around.

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