Johnny Jolly violates probation, then gets probation instead of jail time. Whaa?

Packers’ defensive end Johnny Jolly must have a horseshoe up his ass because the Houston Chronicle is reporting that he’ll avoid jail time despite his 2008 arrest for possession of at least 200 grams of codeine.

According to the Chronicle, Jolly agreed to a pretrial diversion last August, which is a form of probation that would have resulted in dismissed charges for his 2008 arrest had he stayed out of trouble for one year. But he didn’t stay out of trouble. In March, his Cadillac Escalade was pulled over because his tinted windows were too dark and he was arrested after police saw a bottle of codeine in his ride.

Due to the two charges, Jolly was facing up to 20 years in prison. Instead, he agreed to a plea deal and will now be placed on probation for five years, which starts with 90 days of mandatory drug treatment.

Now, I’m not a lawyer and I’m not familiar with court proceedings, so excuse my ignorance on the subject. But it seems to me that Jolly caught a break last August when he agreed to one-year probation. Yet, he got into trouble seven months later and again he gets probation? Hello?

It’s not like he killed anyone, but one would think that a judge would make this guy see the inside of a jail cell for at least 18 months to wake him up. Instead, he agrees to 90 days of therapy and more probation time. Good grief. I think it’s great that the judge wants to get Jolly help, but would anyone be surprised if gets nailed for a third time in the next 6-8 months? I sure wouldn’t.

Oh, and I guess since he avoided jail time that there’s a chance he’ll be able to play again in the NFL. Who says justice isn’t always served?

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