Are you good enough to beat me in fantasy baseball? If so, you could win $200.

St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols hits in an indoor batting cage prior to Grapefruit League baseball action against the New York Mets in Jupiter, Florida March 2, 2011. REUTERS/Hans Deryk (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Hey TSR readers, you now have an opportunity to win $200 and stick it to me just for putting your fantasy baseball knowledge to the test for one day. One day! Win one day of fantasy-filled fun, win $200 and prove that you’re better than me in fantasy baseball. That’s it. Two hundred dollars. Stick it to me. It’s easy, fun and you’re going to love it.

What do I have to do to win $200 and stick it to you, Anthony?
Sign up at and enter the $500 Contest. It’s easy to sign up and the entry fee is only $5. Once you’re signed up, FanDuel will give you the opportunity to select nine players from the following April 1 MLB games (click here for more detailed rules, or see below). If you beat me and fellow TSR members (and longtime fantasy baseball enthusiasts) Jamey Codding and David Medsker, you’ll win $5. If you finish in the top 7, you’ll win even more cash, up to $200.

What are the rules?
– Each player has a salary, and you only have $35k to spend.
– You must pick the following positions: P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF
– The game starts Fri 1st Apr at 1:05pm EDT so enter before then.
– Again, if you manage to finish above our three experts you win an extra $5

How does the scoring work?
Once you’ve selected your team, they’ll be awarded these points in these categories: Hitters: 1B = 1pt, 2B = 2pts, 3B = pts, HR = 4pts, RBI = 1pt, R = 1pt, BB = 1pt, SB = 2pts, Out = -.25pt Pitchers: W = 7pts, ER = -1pt, SO=1pt, IP = 1pt.

Can I win a cash prize if I come in second?
Yes, $100, as well as for third place ($75), fourth place ($50), fifth place ($30), sixth place ($25) and seventh place ($20). So for signing up for a $5 contest, you could win $20 as long as you come in seventh. You can finish in at least seventh place right? Right? Right?!

What’s the catch?
No catch. Sign up is easy, the entry fee is only $5 and all you have to do is beat me in fantasy baseball for one day…ah, so there’s the catch. There’s no way you’re beating me in fantasy baseball.

Sign up for the $500 Contest.

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