Rich Franklin breaks down Silva vs. Belfort

Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin broke down the UFC 126 main event between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort for

No one may be more qualified to discuss the UFC 126 main event between UFC middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort than Rich Franklin.

The former UFC middleweight champion has fought and lost to both Silva and Belfort and has studied them in preparation for those fights. Franklin would be considered an expert if called into court to testify about the match up.

“They’re similar because they’re both Brazilian and they’re both southpaws and both have a win over me,” jokingly said Franklin. “They’re both effective strikers. They’re both fast and use good footwork and all of that kind of stuff.”

While both primarily strikers who possess ground games, Silva and Belfort are different kinds of strikers. Silva employs kicks from the outside and needs distance to execute his craft. Belfort is more effective in the pocket unleashing combinations with his hands.

“Stylistically, on their feet, they’re different fighters. They’re both effective in their own rights,” said Franklin via conference call on Thursday. “It’s going to be interesting to see who’s going to come into the ring if this ends up being a stand up fight how this is going to play out stylistically.”

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