Twelve Iowa football players hospitalized

I don’t believe in curses but if I did, I would subscribe to the Iowa-football-program-is-cursed newsletter.

After losing to Arizona to start the 2010 season, the Hawkeyes struggled to close out games and stumbled to an incredibly disappointing 7-5 record. Granted, they did win the Insight Bowl, but before they did they had to suspend star running back Adam Robinson for violating team rules and found out that Jewel Hampton and Brandon Wegher are both transferring.

Oh, and there was also that mishap involving star receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, who was arrested in December for running a drug house. The good news is that he pled guilty to marijuana possession with a deferred judgment and had all other charges dropped. The bad news is that the Iowa curse has apparently spilled over into 2011.

According to a report by, 12 Iowa football players were hospitalized Monday night and are reportedly being treated for exetional rhabdomyoysis. The condition is often caused by extreme exercise that, in serious cases, can cause damage to the kidneys.

Iowa released a statement that the players were all participating in NCAA allowable winter workouts, so it’s not like the program broke any rules. But what the hell caused 12 players to come down with exertional rhabdomyolysis at the same freaking time?

There are rumors floating around the web that the players were participating in some “100-squat program” and were racing to see who could finish first. I would qualify that as “extreme exercise,” so maybe the rumors have legs.

But again, how do 12 players come down with the same condition at the same time? Outside of one case in Oregon involving high school players, nothing like this has ever been reported. It seems strange that 12 players would come down with a condition that nobody has ever heard of outside of the medical field.

Granted, I’m not a doctor (I only play one on this blog), so how would I know whether or not something like this is common? Maybe somewhere in Florida, a team of national ping-pong players are going through the same thing. After all, if it happened to the players in Oregon, it could obviously happen again. It just seems strange that these 12 Hawkeyes all came down with the same condition at the same time. But that’s the Iowa football curse for ya – it’s unpredictable.

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