Ten Things Learned from UFC Fight for the Troops 2

E. Spencer Kyte of HeavyMMA.com shares 10 things he learned from UFC Fight for the Troops 2.

UFC Deserving of Praise for Fundraising Efforts
For all the crap the UFC (and mixed martial arts in general) takes from opponents, name me another major sports organization that has brought their product directly to the men and women who protect us?

Fight for the Troops 2 gave more than 3,200 soldiers the chance to watch the sport first-hand, and the fundraising efforts attached to the event generated more than $650,000 in donations during the broadcast alone. The initial Fight for the Troops event held two years ago raised over $4 million for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and Saturday’s event should eclipse that number when all the dollars are counted.

While other major professional sports leagues honor soldiers during regularly scheduled games and show their support for the troops in various ways, the UFC is the only organization to bring their product onto an Army base and give those soldiers a night away from their everyday stresses.

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