LeBron claims “karma tweet” was a retweet

Miami Heat forward LeBron James looks to the referee as he points towards the other side of the court after a foul against the Boston Celtics in the second half of the opening night game at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on October 26, 2010. UPI/Matthew Healey


“It’s just how I was feeling at the time,” James said. “It wasn’t even a comment from me, it was someone who sent it to me and I sent it out. It wasn’t toward that team. It definitely wasn’t a good showing by that team last night, I know they wish they would’ve played better.”

The entry on James’ Twitter account did not indicate it was a re-tweet from another user. James also did not fully explain the meaning behind the statement, though he did say that karma is a word and concept “I’ve kinda always used my whole life.”

“I don’t think there was intent at all,” James said.

“I think everyone looks into everything I say. Everybody looks too far into it. No hit toward that organization. I’ve moved on and hopefully that organization is continuing to move on. But I’m happy where I am as a Miami Heat player.”

To recap: It wasn’t from him, but it was how he was feeling at the time, though it wasn’t about the Cavs. There wasn’t any intent, people look too much into what he says. Everyone should move on.

Here’s what I wrote yesterday about LeBron’s possible response to the inevitable criticism.

I foresee a sh*tstorm of criticism today at which point LeBron will release a statement/tweet that either a) refers to all critics as “haters,” b) claims that the tweet was not about the Cavs, or c) all of the above.

I didn’t foresee that LeBron would claim it was someone else’s tweet, even though nothing about the tweet indicates that it was written by someone else. (Twitter shows when something is retweeted, so LeBron would have had to copy and paste the text into a new tweet for it to show up the way it did.) LeBron did claim, however, that the tweet wasn’t about the Cavs.

This is all nonsense. LeBron should own up to his comments and take the consequences like a man. Instead, he’s claiming the tweet isn’t his, that it isn’t aimed at the Cavs and that people read “too far into” what he says. Always the victim.

Give. Me. A. Break.

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