Potential Landing Spots for Vince Young

Tennessee Titans Quarterback Vince Young (10) looks on as his Tennessee Titans fall to the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium, in Miami Florida.November 14, 2010. The Miami Dolphins beat the Tennessee Titans 29-19. . UPI/Susan Knowles…

Vince Young will not be a member of the Tennessee Titans next season, as owner Bud Adams has “chosen” Jeff Fisher over his once-beloved quarterback.

The Titans can’t cut Young until February 7 when waivers start for next season and they can’t trade him until early March (when the new season officially begins). But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about his future.

So let’s speculate the crap out of this thing. Below are some potential landing spots for VY.

Miami: For some reason, I see Young as being a Miami guy. That doesn’t make a bit of sense seeing as how he’s from Texas. But I keep getting the image of him on South Beach, sipping one of those colorful drinks with the umbrella hanging out. (Wow, I think the long football season is starting to get to me.) Chad Henne is a dead man walking in Miami, as former (Ricky Williams) and current (Brandon Marshall) teammates continue to throw him under the bus for the Dolphins’ failures this season. With Tony Sparano likely heading out the door with him, Miami’s next head coach will look to add a quarterback in the offseason. Seeing as how we don’t know who the next coach for the Dolphins will be, we don’t know if Young would be a fit. But this marriage makes sense based on need.

Arizona: I’m sure Ken Whisenhunt will want to see more out of John Skelton next summer in order to better evaluate his potential. But if he hasn’t seen enough of Derek Anderson to know the guy can’t play, then Whisenhunt isn’t long for the NFL. I don’t see Young being a fit for Whisenhunt’s offense, but the Cards are desperate and still scrambling to fill Kurt Warner’s shoes.

Buffalo: Ryan Fitzpatrick is more than serviceable but the Bills could bring in Young to provide competition. Any kind of talent that Buffalo can add to the roster would be a good thing.

Oakland: When there’s a high-profile free agent about to become available, I think it’s almost automatic that you have to list the Raiders as a potential suitor. You know Al Davis just put Texas’ Rose Bowl win over USC into his VCR (what, you think the Crypt Keeper has a Blu-ray player?) and is drooling over Young right now. Jason Campbell who? I need Vince, baby!

San Francisco: Same as Miami: We don’t know who the head coach will be so we don’t know if Young would be a fit. But there’s no doubt the Niners have a need at quarterback.

Houston: Young is from Houston and the Texans could use a backup for Matt Schaub, but I’m sure VY wants a crack at being a starter. Still, it makes sense.

Dallas: Same thing as above with Houston, although Young definitely isn’t a fit for Jason Garrett’s offense.

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