Fran Tarkenton rips Brett Favre…again.

Former Vikings’ great Fran Tarkenton has never hid his distaste for Brett Favre and has once again taken to the media to slam the future Hall of Famer.

This time, Tarkenton ripped Favre for being selfish in continuing to play this season instead of stepping aside for rookie Joe Webb.

From USA Today:

“Why in the world would they play Brett Favre? Or would Brett Favre want to play?” Tarkenton, a longtime Vikings QB, said of the team’s decision to start Favre last Monday. (Via and 97.5-FM in Philadelphia)

“Is that what is best for the franchise going forward? Of course not. It’s selfish! It’s absolutely selfish!”

“He talks about the team and, ‘I am for the team but I want to play for the home fans and my teammates,'” Tarkenton said. “It was Monday Night Football last week… He hasn’t had enough publicity in the last week, he has been on the bench for two weeks. It is not right. He ought to keep himself out of the equation and say, this is not best for the team.”

Regular readers know that I completely agree with Tarkenton’s view on Lord Favre. A month ago I wrote that the Vikings should go with Tarvaris Jackson for the final four games or so because they needed to evaluate his future status with the team. Favre clearly isn’t going to be back next year (whether he retires or moves on to his next project), so the Vikings needed to shift into evaluation mode once they were eliminated. Granted, Jackson proved that he doesn’t have a future in Minnesota either, but at the time there was still question about whether or not he could compete for the starting job next year.

Is Favre selfish? Egotistical may be a better word. He needs the media attention and the spotlight on him. As Tarkenton said, it was Monday Night Football and Favre saw it as one last opportunity to be the story before he moves on. It wasn’t Joe Webb time – it was Lord Favre time.

Keep the hits coming, Fran. Love your work.

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