Did Favre ask Sterger for naughty video?

The Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger saga just got a whole lot creepier. According to the New York Daily News (via TMZ.com), Favre wanted Sterger to reciprocate when he sent her the photos of his junk.

According to TMZ.com, Favre, who allegedly sent graphic text messages to the TV personality in 2008, also requested to see a video of Sterger masturbating.

The request, reportedly sent via text months after the X-rated photos were exchanged, may be one of the documents included in the NFL’s investigation of the football star.

Sterger also wants the league to establish an anti-sexual harassment program to prevent incidents like the one she had with Favre, who now plays for the Minnesota Vikings, from happening again.

It’s not surprising to hear that there’s more to this story but I’m still not buying that Sterger is a victim. The league probably would benefit from an anti-sexual harassment program, just like any business would. But Sterger isn’t Susan B. Anthony. She already said that her and her friends poked fun at Favre’s advancements, so to come out and demand that the league sets up an anti-sexual harassment program sounds fake.

That said, the thing that has been forgotten in all this is that Favre is a married man who shouldn’t have been sending inappropriate texts to anyone (uh, outside of his wife…if she’s into that stuff). And for him to ask her for a video of her masturbating is beyond inappropriate. (Whether she laughed it off or not.)

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