Did Coughlin kick Dodge out of locker room following loss to Eagles?

Giants’ punter Matt Dodge had himself a rough day last Sunday. First he had to watch his team blow a 21-point fourth-quarter lead to the Eagles and then he helped them lose the game when he punted the ball right at dangerous returner DeSean Jackson (who returned the gift for a game-winning touchdown).

Following the game, Tom Coughlin saw Dodge crying and told him to get out of the locker room, or so says local Philadelphia sports radio loudmouth Howard Eskin via his Twitter page.

After Eagles game learned that NY coach T. Coughlin saw his punter in tears. Told him get out of locker room. No longer on this team.

If the report is true, hopefully Coughlin kicked his defense out of the locker room, too. After they left, hopefully he proceeded to kick out his punt return team, his offense and all of his assistant coaches as well.

Then when he was the only one left standing in his locker room, here’s hoping Tom Coughlin booted himself out. Because it doesn’t take just one man to blow a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter with only eight minutes remaining in the game. Did Dodge screw up? No doubt. It was a bad mistake and he cost his team dearly. But with the way Coughlin and his coaching staff was handling the game at that point, there’s little doubt that the Eagles would have won in overtime anyway.

Maybe the report isn’t true. After all, it did come from Howard Eskin, who isn’t above Tweeting something like that just to rub the Giants noses in a loss to the Eagles. But again, if it is, Coughlin owes Dodge an apology.

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