The Broncos need to start Tebow the final two games

Denver Broncos rookie QB Tim Tebow watches the defense play against the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California on December 19, 2010. Tebow ran for 78 yards and a TD in the Broncos 39-23 loss to the Raiders. UPI/Terry Schmitt Photo via Newscom

If the Denver Post is correct in saying that the Broncos will stick with Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback for their final two games, it’s the right decision.

Kyle Orton may be healthy enough to play out the rest of the season but seeing as how the two games are meaningless, the Broncos need to get Tebow on film in live action. Orton is signed through next year and they already know what they have in him. They don’t with Tebow and the team needs to know where he’s at in his development so that their next head coach can put a game plan together.

Of course, the Broncos also need to take off the training wheels, too. They only allowed Tebow to attempt 16 passes against the Raiders on Sunday and while it’s understandable that they want to take things slow, they have to mix it up a little. I don’t have hard facts, but then ran the ball so many times on first down against Oakland that one point the Raiders had seven defensive linemen and six linebackers on the field. (I’m kidding, but you get the point.)

The designer (Josh McDaniels) of the Broncos’ offense is currently at home right now on his couch, so the Broncos couldn’t open things up too much with Tebow even if they wanted to. But they can call a freaking play-action pass once in a while. They can allow the kid to throw on first down. He has a long way to go as a passer, but there are things they can do to stop being so predictable and conservative.

Either way, they’re making the right decision starting him for the final two games. They have to see where he’s spent most of the year learning from the sidelines.

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