Freddie Mitchell joins in the bashing of Donovan McNabb

PHILADELPHIA - JANUARY 11:  Wide receiver Freddie Mitchell #84 of the Philadelphia Eagles catches a 28-yard catch on defensive backs Jue Bhawoh #21 and Darren Sharper #42 of the Green Bay Packers on the Eagles last posession in the forth quarter during the NFC divisional playoffs on January 11, 2004 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Not to be outdone by Terrell Owens, Freddie Mitchell decided to join in on the bashing of Donovan McNabb.

From AOL Fanhouse:

“I respect both Coach Reid and Coach Shanahan — they have two total different coaching theories,” Mitchell said. “I can only wonder what would have happened in the Super Bowl if Reid stepped up and said, ‘You know what? You’re playing like [expletive], you’re benched.’ I don’t know many coaches that have the balls to do that. He was playing like [expletive] and he should have been benched. … And don’t say he doesn’t have a record of this; he did the same thing in every single championship game.”

What’s interesting here is that McNabb made Mitchell relevant with that 4th-and-26 play (photo) to help the Eagles beat the Packers to reach the Super Bowl. Otherwise, nobody would have remembered who this clown was. If McNabb throws to a different receiver on that play or the pass falls incomplete, Mitchell’s name is never brought up again.

You can measure a man’s character during times like these and I venture to say that Mitchell doesn’t have any. Instead of coming to their former quarterback’s defense, T.O. and Mitchell (who couldn’t get a job in the league if he offered to play for free) decided to kick him while he’s down. McNabb has made six Pro Bowls, led his team to multiple NFC title games and one Super Bowl, yet he’s supposed to take all the blame for losing to the Patriots in ’05.

Football is a team game. God forbid T.O. or Mitchell say something like, “I could have done more, too. We lost as a team.” Oh, no – it’s all McNabb’s fault. He was the one who couldn’t get it done and it was because of him that Philly never won a Super Bowl.

Give me a break. McNabb’s not perfect but he did more for the Philadelphia Eagle organization than Owens and Mitchell combined. And at least T.O. has done something in the league. Mitchell was a joke.

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