Delusional Childress blames refs for loss

Not only did Brad Childress (sort of) call out his quarterback for his poor decision-making, he complained ad nauseum about the officiating.

“That’s the worst officiated game I’ve seen,” Childress said during his postgame intervieew with KFAN. “That referee came over and apologized to me for not calling a hold on the scramble by [Packers quarterback Aaron] Rodgers. And I’ll tell you what, that’s his job. Protect the quarterback and look at the left tackle. Look at the left tackle hold his tail off.”

Childress also criticized the Loadholt penalty during his KFAN interview.

“The umpire standing on that side, they called a penalty, the guy hadn’t called a penalty all night long and then I don’t know if he got religion or what happened but Bruce whatever his name didn’t make a [expletive] call all night long,” Childress said. “Now we’re going to get a facemask. I mean c’mon now. C’mon.”

Said Loadholt: “I didn’t feel it. I couldn’t tell. I thought I had his shoulder and kept pushing him by. We just have to look at the film and see. They thought I did.”

Childress has a right to complain about the non-holding call, but the facemask was obvious. Obvious.

Below are a few screen captures of the facemask call. The first shows Loadholt’s hand in Matthews’ facemask…

The second shows Matthews’ helmet starting to turn…

More helmet turning…

Loadholt wouldn’t still be attached to Matthews if he didn’t have a hold of his facemask. (Or, at the very least, his shoulder pad.)

Now, from a different angle, you can see Loadholt’s glove up in Matthews’ face. If it were on his shoulder, you’d see the green from Matthews’ facemask over the white of his glove…

A closer view…

And, finally, the helmet turning…

The guy doing the highlights on the video over at said the call was “clear as day.”

Childress should think before he speaks, or at least look at the game tape. It’s fine to vent about blown calls, but let’s not forget the horrible spot that Greg Jennings got when forward progress easily should have garnered him a first down or the refs’ decision not to let the second 4th-and-1 John Kuhn run go to completion. (He kept driving his legs and eventually got past the first down marker.)

Besides, during the game, Twitter was atwitter with complaints about Childress’s playcalling in the second half, so maybe he should look in the mirror before slamming his quarterback or the officials in the media.

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