HeavyMMA.com interviews Brendan Schaub

Jeremy Botter of HeavyMMA.com recently sat down with fighter Brendan Schaub to discuss the Gabriel Gonzaga fight and the grudge between Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson.

Heavy: This is your pay per view debut for the UFC. How does it feel to be the guy that made the leap from fighting on the Spike prelims to the pay per view based almost solely on your performances?

Schaub: It feels just like where I should be, man. You know how hard I work. And the hard work I’ve put in the Octagon these last few fights, it’s just an honor. It feels like I’m finally here, and I plan on staying here. This is why I work as hard as I do.

Heavy: Gabriel Gonzaga was once in the position you’re in: on his way to the top, but not quite broken through yet. And then he knocked out Mirko Cro Cop and got a title fight. Do you view this as your moment to break through into the upper class of the division?

Schaub: Yeah. I think so. You beat a guy like Gabriel Gonzaga and they can’t help but put you in the top five. As far as a title shot right away? No. I definitely need some more ring time. But I feel like I can compete with any of those guys up there, and I think with a convincing win over Gonzaga, I’ll shoot up there with those guys.

Read the full interview.

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