Desmond Howard calls out USC AD over Reggie Bush profits

Aug 4, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Southern California Trojans athletic director Pat Haden at football practice at Howard Jones Field. Photo by Image of Sport Photo via Newscom

Now that Reggie Bush has decided to forfeit his 2005 Heisman Trophy award, Desmond Howard wants to know whether or not USC AD Pat Haden will return the profits that the Trojans were able to generate thanks to Bush’s success at the program.

From Larry Brown Sports:

“Pat Haden, the new athletic director, earlier in the month he said ‘If I were Reggie Bush with Pat Haden’s soul, yes I would give back the Heisman.’ OK, the Heisman’s given back. But Pat Haden, what are you going to now as far as correcting these transgressions? They played with an ineligible player, they went to BCS Bowl Games with an ineligible player, you don’t have the wins no more but you still have the money. What is your soul telling you to do with that money now that you got with an illegal player? That’s the big question that I want to hear answered now.”

Good point. If all is equal, then USC should have to forfeit everything they received during Bush’s tenure – and not just wins. As Howard points out, the Trojans used an ineligible player to not only win, but also receive a payout at the end of the year for the multiple bowls they appeared in.

As the guys at Larry Brown Sports said: It’s your move, Pat.

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