Did Miles Austin turn down endorsement deal because of Reggie Bush?

BEL AIR, CA - JULY 12: Dallas Cowboys football player Miles Austin and actress Kim Kardashian attend professional tennis player Serena Williams' Pre-ESPYs House Party held at a private residence on July 12, 2010 in Bel Air, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for SW)

From TerezOwens.com:

The Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin likes following in Reggie Bush’s footsteps..but apparently he won’t follow Reggie on his latest endorsement deal. Miles has turned down a six-figure endorsement deal with Red Bull..According to my source, the reason Miles said no to Red Bull is because Reggie Bush already has a contract with the energy drink company..Kim did not want Miles to walk down that path..I hope Kim is gonna pay him back..how the hell does a dude turn down six figures..truth be told, he would have never gotten the offer if he was dating Kim Kardashian..-TO

I think “Terez” meant that Austin would have never gotten the offer if he “weren’t” dating Kardashian.

I don’t know how reliable Terez Owens’ sources are, but I agree with him if his report is accurate. How could Austin turn down a six-figure endorsement deal just because he didn’t want to go swimming in Bush’s lake again? Six figures is six figures – to hell with Reggie Bush, I’m bathing myself in Red Bull if I’m Austin.

Of course, all of this seems a little too easy, doesn’t it? Bush, who has an endorsement deal with Red Bull, used to date Kardashian, who is now with Austin, who turns down a Red Bull endorsement. He must have done so because of Reggie Bush.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this story is bunk, but it’s the middle of July and I’m dying for NFL news…any NFL news.

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