A completely subjective take on LeBron’s decision

I spend a lot of time writing for TSR trying to be objective in my analysis, but this LeBron situation has me thinking more emotionally. Like a lot of people out there, I am starting to really dislike the guy. Here are a few random thoughts about the possible landing spots and whether or not they would raise or lower my opinion of LBJ.

Cleveland Cavaliers
I’d respect his loyalty to his “hometown” (even though he makes it clear Akron is his true hometown), but would question his motivations in creating all this drama only to re-sign with the Cavs. Had he committed to Cleveland from the start, he may have been able to convince a good free agent to push for a sign-and-trade, but since no one knew whether or not he was staying, Cleveland became the last place anyone wanted to play. Generally speaking, I dislike the Cavs (because LeBron is getting more and more annoying) and I would continue to dislike them. I’d be happy to see the Cavs battle with the new-look Heat, and would probably root for Wade/Bosh once my beloved Bucks were knocked out of the postseason.

Miami Heat
I like the idea of Wade/Bosh in Miami, and would even root for a team built around those two under certain circumstances. But add LeBron, it would be a tough team to root for. People are calling it the “Axis of Evil” which really isn’t fair to Wade or Bosh, or even LeBron, for that matter, but life isn’t fair. I would laud LeBron/Wade/Bosh if any of them took less money to play together. It’s not often (has it ever happened?) that a player turns down a max offer from his home team in order to play elsewhere and win. I would also appreciate the fact that the three seem willing to put their egos aside and sacrifice team leadership/alpha dog status/shots/whatever in order to create a situation where they can win. Some people would call him a coward for joining forces with Wade and Bosh, but it’s tough enough to win a title, so if you have that freedom, why not use it? Regardless of rooting interest, it would be fascinating to watch the Heat put its roster together and see how these three play together once the season starts.

Chicago Bulls
As a Bucks fan, I really don’t want to see him go to the Bulls. Outside of Miami, Chicago offers the best chance to win, and the Bulls can win now. Derrick Rose is a future All-NBAer at the point, Carlos Boozer is a nice fit at the four, and Joakim Noah is a tremendous defensive center who doesn’t need to shoot. There are two (big?) problems with the Bulls: 1) management hasn’t shown they will go over the luxury tax in order to win, and 2) the specter of Michael Jordan and his legacy still linger. If he signs with the Bulls, I’ll appreciate his ability to put ‘winning’ above all else.

New York Knicks
Of all his landing spots, this would be the one I would most like to see. It would be fun to see LeBron tackle the challenge of “saving basketball in New York” with an injury-prone big man and a coach who is brilliant offensively but hasn’t shown much of a committment to defense. Mike D’Antoni could work wonders with LeBron’s ability in the open court and watching how LeBron fares under the microscope in New York would be fascinating.

New Jersey Nets
After the Knicks, this would be the next team I’d choose, in terms of sheer potential for entertainment. The Nets were the league’s worst team last season, and it would be fun to see LeBron take on that challenge with a couple of nice bigs (Brook Lopez and Derrick Favors), a free-spending owner, his buddy Jay-Z, and a pending move to Brooklyn.

Los Angeles Clippers
Yeah, right. If I thought there were even a shot that he’d play for Donald Sterling, I’d list the Clips first, but I don’t think LeBron’s interest in the cursed franchise was ever genuine. Vinny Del Negro was the final nail in that coffin.

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